Breathe. Expose. Heal.

The Valley Experience is a place, a feeling, a journey within.
Through breath and deliberate cold exposure, you will expose and reveal what needs space and time and begin your healing journey.
Only through healing can we grow. 

the valley experience inc.

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Come for a breathwork session, sweat your toxins out in the infrared sauna or reap all the benefits of deliberate cold exposure in one of the cold tubs.
One-on-one or in a group, you will be lovingly challenged into expansion.

The Valley experience studio


Breathing is one of these things we do without consciously thinking about it. But when we do and we connect to our breath and control it in specific patterns, the benefits are endless. From nervous system reset, stress reduction, improved physical and mental health to increased energy and focus, a breathwork session is sure to provide something your body and soul need.

Deliberate heat exposure in an infrared sauna is a great way to detox and rid your body of pains and tensions. These are not the only benefits of spending some time in the sauna. Your body and mind will get what they need out of a good sweat session. There are ways to enhance this practice, I will be here to guide you and share tips with you.

Here's What You'll Experience


Infrared Sauna

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How you show up in an ice bath is how you show up in life. By practicing cold plunging regularly, you can learn to regulate your nervous system, expand your window of tolerance and build the strength and confidence to do hard things. Your breath will be your best ally and I will be there with you every breath of the way.

Cold Plunge

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Come experience any combination of breathwork, sauna and cold plunge privately. i will be with you the whole time, guiding you through it all and making sure you get the experience you are looking for, You will have use of the whole studio to yourself and will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with a new understanding and sense of your nervous system.

Whether it be breathwork or yoga or other modalities, you will enjoy the space surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals and feel a sense of community and deep connection.

Here's How You Can Use The Studio

1:1 Private Sessions

Group Classes

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You will have access to the sauna and/or the cold plunge amongst other individuals also looking to better their physical and mental health. The space is limited and a time needs to be booked so I can guarantee the experience will be great and beneficial to everyone.

Open Hours

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Have a birthday coming up and want to do something different with your friends? Planning a get together with your group of close friends and want to experience something unique? Part of a team at work and longing to have health be a core value?
Book the studio for private events!
Different rates and packages available. Simply email me.

Private Groups

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“I feel like you were wrapping me in a big hug while I was in the tub. You held me, challenged me to the next level and SAW me. Thank you.”

- Kate

Kind words


“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


I'm Eve, here to lovingly challenge you.

I believe you can find comfort in the discomfort and that everything happens for you. For a chance to expand, grow and strengthen your mind and body. I also believe that you can also grow in a nurturing environment and hard times aren't a prerequisite for expansion.
With that in mind. there are tools and practices one can use to broaden their window of tolerance and have more fluidity in the process.
With this in mind, I will nurture hold and support you while not taking excuses and calling your ego out when necessary. I've got your back, no BS, no fuss, simply love and expansion.

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